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Issue 27 March 1997

Pawn of elder statesmen or, as Matthew Christmas argues, another Henry VIII in the making?

John Dunne follows historians along the trail signposted by Geyl fifty years ago.

Patrick O'Brian evaluates the costs and benefits of Hanoverian and Victorian government.

Richard Wilkinson argues that Cromwell had what it took to rule Britain but failed to achieve his own idealistic programme.

Robert Pearce distributes a survival kit for the most hazardous causation question of all.

Martin Pugh charts the Women's Movement's origins and growth 1850-1939.

Christopher Ray argues that Hitler's high-profile plan for invading Britain was a blind: his main intention was to fool Stalin into believing he was safe.

Gareth Affleck looks at beginnings, middles and ends.

William Makin investigates an evil organisation, accomplice of a bigoted, racist and corrupt monarchy.