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Weimar Republic

The archetypal image of the Weimar Republic is one of political instability, economic crisis and debauched hedonism. Colin Storer challenges the clichéd view of the Republic as a tragic failed state.

Nigel Jones on the redemption sought by the assassin of Weimar Germany’s foreign minister.

Benjamin Ziemann examines the enigma of Karl Mayr, the reclusive army officer who nurtured Adolf Hitler’s early political career.

Graham Darby points to common errors and omissions that should be avoided.

Mark Bryant contines his exploration of significant cartoons and caricature with a look at a German magazine that published some of the bravest satirical critiques of Hitler, bitterly attacking Nazism until 1933, and still published to the last years of the war.

Jonathan Wright looks at the career of the statesman who might have steered Germany safely through the Weimar era.

Prophet of European unity or pre-Hitler nationalist bent on wiping out Germany's Versailles humiliation? Sixty years after his death, Jonathan Wright reassesses the career and motives of Germany's leading statesman of the 1920s.

Gareth Affleck identifies the points to discuss.

Anthony McElligott argues that municipal confrontation and the decline of civic virtue in the 20s and 30s played an important part in letting the Nazis rise to power in Germany.