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Benjamin Disraeli

Edward, Prince of Wales (front centre) in India, 1876

Christopher Hibbert describes how, against the Queen’s wishes, the Prince successfully toured the British Indian Empire at the age of thirty-four.

Philip Magnus analyses the political, personal, and literary careers of one of Britain's most influential Victorian premiers.

William Kuhn considers some of the ways a look at Benjamin Disraeli’s sexuality challenges our idea of the Victorians and the man himself.

Mark Rathbone compares Gladstone's and Disraeli's differing approaches to a crucial foreign policy issue.

T.A. Jenkins reviews the life and legacy of Benjamin Disraeli, statesman, novelist and man-about-town, on the bicentenary of his birth.

Simon Lemieux provides guidance on essays comparing the performance of the two adversaries in Victorian Britain.

John Vincent asks a key question of the Conservative politician.