George IV

This Is Not a Love Story

The correspondence between Mary Hamilton and the future George IV is often seen as evidence of a harmless crush in the Georgian court. It was nothing of the sort. 

A Queen on Trial

The scandalous breakdown of the marriage between Caroline of Brunswick and George IV played out against a background of political agitation and economic distress.

The Princess Charlotte

After a happy marriage, writes Joanna Richardson, the Heiress Apparent died, three years before her father became King George IV.

George IV and Canning

Thirty years of private relations when they were often at odds preceded the appointment of Canning as Prime Minister in 1827 by George IV, writes Christopher Hibbert.

Oriental Influences on English Taste

John Villiers describes the rich exchange of artistic ideas between Europe and the Far East during the seventeenth, eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries. 

The Duke of Wellington and Lady Shelley

‘There is a middle state’, Landor once said, ‘between love and friendship, more delightful than either, but more difficult to remain in.’ Such was the affectionate association that the Duke and Lady Shelley long enjoyed, writes Prudence Hannay