Edward I

Outlaws at War

For Edward I, filling his army with criminals made perfect sense.

His Own Man?

Edward I, the king who changed the public face of monarchy.

Companions of the King

Alan Rogers reflects the influence of power among those surrounding the throne and how, throughout the entire medieval period during which Parliament existed, the magnates had greater sway than the Commons.

Edward I and the Mongols

Anthony Bryer describes how, during the second half of the thirteenth century, the ruler of the Mongols discussed with Edward I of England a joint attempt to recover Jerusalem from the Turks.

Edward I: Best of Kings, Worst of Kings?

Warmongering anti-semite, or constitutionalist and family man? Marc Morris takes a fresh look at the career of Edward I, whose reputation has suffered a roller-coaster ride over the centuries.

The Hunt for William Wallace

Andrew Fisher asks who William Wallace really was, and why he has become an icon of Scottish resistance to the English.