Winston Churchill

Churchill in 1941

Churchill’s vision of Britain’s role in the world may provide the key to Brexit.

Guilty before God? Churchill and President Truman, Washington DC, January 10th, 1952

Did the idea of nuclear war make Britain’s wartime leader more God-fearing?

Winston Churchill waves to crowds in Whitehall, May 8th, 1945.

In using Churchill to justify his Brexit campaign, Boris Johnson 'paints a barbarically simplified and ill-informed picture of what Churchill stood for'.

Churchill in 1900

The great statesman had a cavalier approach to his tax affairs.

Aneurin Bevan (right) with the future prime minister Harold Wilson at the Labour party conference, September 1953.

Mihir Bose challenges the perception of Winston Churchill as a demi-god who was essential to Britain's war effort.

Churchill arrives with his family in the Queen Elizabeth, March 23rd, 1949.

From luxury liners to troopships: Roland Quinault examines the close relationship between the Cunard line and Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill, c.1900

Fifty years on from Winston Churchill’s death, Chris Wrigley surveys the literature available, highlighting key works and lesser-known titles.

The former prime minister made his final appearance at Parliament on 28 July 1964.

Drawing on letters and diaries written when her husband was a close associate of Sir Winston's, Lucy Masterman offers a portrait of him in his early Parliamentary years.

A continuation of Lucy Masterman’s recollections of Sir Winston Churchill as a member of the Liberal Governments before the First World War.