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George IV

George Augustus Frederick was appointed Prince Regent to his father King George III on February 5th, 1811. He was a heavy drinker and a compulsive gambler.

Volume: 61 Issue: 2 2011

Kenneth Baker looks at the foibles and achievements of one of Britain’s most controversial monarchs through the eyes of his caricaturists.

Volume: 55 Issue: 10 2005

Steve Parissien looks at the posthumous assessments of George IV and his reign - and finds the king's historical reputation falls short of the image he sought to project.

Volume: 51 Issue: 3 2001

John Villiers describes the rich exchange of artistic ideas between Europe and the Far East during the seventeenth, eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries. 

Volume: 25 Issue: 3 1975

‘There is a middle state’, Landor once said, ‘between love and friendship, more delightful than either, but more difficult to remain in.’ Such was the affectionate association that the Duke and Lady Shelley long enjoyed, writes Prudence Hannay

Volume: 25 Issue: 2 1975

The seat of monarchs almost since English monarchy began, Windsor Castle owes its familiar outlines to the architect commissioned by King George IV.

Volume 3: Issue: 6 1953

Doreen  & Geoffrey Agnew relate the tale of Lawrence's Waterloo Collection, his tour of Europe, and portraits of contemporary political heavyweights

1951 Volume: 1 Issue: 5

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