Simon Adams

The great debates in Elizabethan history tend to be circular. Their origins lie in the reign itself and subsequent historical revisions simply...

Simon Adams investigates the political and religious options available to the Catholics of early Jacobean England, and asks why some chose to attempt the spectacular coup in November 1605.

Simon Adams goes through the household accounts of a Tudor courtier to give a revealing insight into his lifestyle and milieu both at and away from Gloriana's court.

Commerce in the 16th and 17th centuries

  • Emden and the Dutch Revolt. Exile and the Development of Reformed Protestant
    Andrew Pettegree (Clarendon Press, 1992, 550pp
  • ...

The Early Stuarts: A Political History of England, 1603-1842

Roger Lockyer (Longman, 1989, x+410 pp.)...

Pious nobleman or calculating humbug - what is the true characterisation of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester? Simon Adams sifts the motives for the patronage given to some of Elizabeth's sternest religious critics by her favourite courtier.

400 years ago this May, Spain's great Armada set sail, bent on the invasion and conquest of Elizabethan England. Simon Adams re-examines the strategic considerations that underpinned the actions of both England and Spain before and after the Armada.