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Sheila Corr

A history of the propaganda poster.

A gallery of images taken by Bert Hardy, a photographer forPicture Post which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year.

A new exhibition at the British Library shows how propaganda is used to shape national identity and demonize the enemy,

Images from the British Museum's new exhibition.

Sheila Corr introduces the shortlisted titles in our annual award for picture research.

A slideshow of images from an exhibition at the British Library on Mughal India.

To mark the Diamond Jubilee, take a look through this gallery of irreverent cartoons of Queen Elizabeth II.

A gallery showing some of the objects, manuscripts and textiles from the British Museum's new exhibition on the Hajj.

The British Library’s exhibition of royal manuscripts affords a rare opportunity to examine the rich artistry and detail of medieval illumination, and offers a surprising insight into English monarchs’ views of the past.

A slideshow of some of the photographs on display in the Victoria & Albert Museum's new gallery.

Entries are now open for the 2012 Longman-History Today Picture Research Award.

A review of the exhibition which opened on 7th October at the Imperial War Museum London.

Sheila Corr on the story of an American photographer who captured China's 1911 uprising on film.

This major exhibition of the sixties work of Nigel Waymouth provides an insight into the pop art and psychedelia of the late 1960s.

A short history of the British Library's collection of Royal manuscripts, the subject of a new major exhibition opening in November.

The Cartoon Museum's exhibition celebrating 30 years of Steve Bell ends next week. Catch it while you still can.

A review of the exhibition at London's Royal Academy of Arts.

How are the digitisation of historical records and government spending cuts threatening archives and the study of history?

What does image resolution actually mean? How are images reproduced for mass publication, and why do earlier images often appear dotty or pixellated?

How do picture researchers go about choosing an image for a magazine cover? Sheila Corr explains.

Sheila Corr reveals some of the unexpected treasures held in the collections of Wellcome Images.

Sheila Corr reports on a one-day event organised this week to showcase the collections of independent picture libraries such as the Werner Forman Archive.

How does a history magazine deal with royal weddings? How do picture editors obtain the perfect wedding photographs when they are in competition with publications from all over the world?

Sheila Corr explains how she drew on the fragmented evidence that remains of the Battle of Towton to illustrate one of the main articles in the May 2011 issue.

Sheila Corr explains how the way that authors supply pictures and visual references to illustrate their articles has changed.

Sheila Corr explains how she researched the pictures for Robert Zaretsky's article on James Boswell, published in the April issue of History Today.

The film Oranges and Sunshine, based on the book Empty Cradles by Margaret Humphreys about the British children who were sent abroad to commonwealth countries, is released on April 1st. Sheila Corr remembers her work on Empty Cradles as picture editor at Transworld Publishers.

Sheila Corr explains how she researched pictures to illustrate Robert Bickers article, published in the March issue of History Today, about China's 'National Humiliation' in the 19th century.

Sheila Corr shares her first impressions of the exhibition opening tomorrow, March 3rd, at the British Museum.

Sheila Corr discovered an engraving with an extraordinarily long caption whilst researching pictures to illustrate the March 2011 issue of History Today.

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