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Rohan McWilliam

Two new books further extend the currently fashionable genre of 'neo-Victorian novel'.

Rohan McWilliam reviews Matthew Sweet's 'different history of the Home Front': the Ritzkrieg and the opulent lifestyles that the rich enjoyed in London during the Second World War.

Rohan McWilliam reviews Jacqueline Yallop's study of the way the obsession of collecting things shaped 19th-century Britain.

How true is Deborah Lutz's claim that the Swinging Sixties really began in the 1860s?

Rohan McWilliam reviews David Brown's biography of Palmerston.

Rohan McWilliam reviews John Campbell's latest book on British political history.

Rohan McWilliam on a book about British policing by Clive Emsley.

In the second of our occasional series exploring the ways in which topical historical subjects are being tackled in a variety of media, Rohan McWilliam examines a time in Britain’s history that seems to repay frequent revisiting more than a century after it ended.

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