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Roger Hudson

Roger Hudson gives context to a photograph highlighting the plight of Galician Jews after the Russian army's invasion in the Great War.

Roger Hudson examines a photograph of 1867, which shows the construction of one of the glories of Victorian architecture.

Roger Hudson visits the Belfast shipyard in 1911, where the Titanic and her sister ships, Britannic and Olympic were constructed.

Roger Hudson on a photograph taken in the Krupp works, Essen in 1861, signalling the arrival of a new industrial force in Europe.

Roger Hudson expands on a photograph of a locomotive taken during the American Civil War by one of Mathew Brady’s team.

Roger Hudson sheds light on an 1898 image of US soldiers fighting alongside Cubans to end Spanish rule on the Caribbean island.

Roger Hudson describes the destruction during the Paris Commune of the memorial to Napoleon’s victory at Austerlitz in 1805.

Roger Hudson takes a roadside view of the automobiles about to embark on the arduous, 22,000-mile journey.

Roger Hudson explains a photographic panorama, taken at the beginning of the Second Afghan War, of the ancient and forbidding fortress of Bala Hissar.

Roger Hudson takes a hilltop view of a smouldering city, following the devastating earthquake of April 18th, 1906.

A photograph of shipbuilders working on the liner Queen Mary taken in 1935 tells a wider story, by Roger Hudson.

Roger Hudson expands on a photograph of an Edwardian excursion to the sites at Giza around 1910.

Roger Hudson examines a photograph of July 1909, which captures the early 20th-century vogue for balloon racing.

Roger Hudson tells the story behind a gathering of glamorous movie stars in Washington DC in October 1947.

Roger Hudson tells the story behind a moment of violence in 1923 outside China's Forbidden City in Peking.

Roger Hudson considers a photogaph showing London postmen as part of a vast, global mail network.

Peering through the pines, a German cycle company of the First World War is captured on camera. Roger Hudson explains.

Roger Hudson looks at an episode that inspired one of the greatest films ever made.

Roger Hudson explains a moment of panic on the streets of the newly liberated French capital.

Roger Hudson views the famous vessel from an unfamiliar perspective.

Roger Hudson pictures British gunboat diplomacy in Egypt in 1882.

Roger Hudson expands on a photograph of Enoch Powell campaigning in his Wolverhampton seat in 1970.

Roger Hudson sails past a half-built Battersea Power Station and on to its slow decline.

Roger Hudson expands on an image of Russian ships destroyed by the Japanese at Port Arthur, 1904.

Roger Hudson sheds light on a haunting photograph from the Greek Civil War.

Roger Hudson reflects on a photograph of Blondin, the tightrope walker whose crossings of Niagara Falls became ever more bizarre.

Roger Hudson on the circumstances behind an eviction in County Clare, Ireland, photographed in July 1888.

Roger Hudson examines a photograph from 1920 taken on the eve of a profound split on the French Left.

Roger Hudson on a moment in the story of Scottish emigration captured in 1923.

Roger Hudson reveals a big splash: Chairman Mao photographed attempting to swim the River Yangtze in July 1966.

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