Marlborough College Summer School

Richard Cavendish

The 'Divine Sarah' had her right leg amputated on February 22nd, 1915.  

The novelist and peer died on February 11th, 1940. 

The young queen married Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha on February 10th, 1840.

The mistress of Lord Nelson died on January 15th, 1815. 

The father of Unitarianism in England was baptised on January 14th, 1615.

Mail reform came to Britain on January 10th, 1840.

The much-loved film first appeared in theatres on December 15th, 1939.

Brunel's crossing opened on December 8th, 1864.

Faisal al Saud became ruler on November 2nd, 1964.

Stockings were an instant hit when they were first sold on October 27th 1939.