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Richard Cavendish

The aviation pioneer died on May 21st, 1965.

The theologian was denounced by the church on May 4th, 1415.

The man who killed Abraham Lincoln was shot dead on April 26th, 1865.

Possibly the most destructive volcanic eruption of all time occurred on April 10th, 1815.

The founder of the eponymous cosmetics company died on April 1st, 1965. 

A tax on Britain's American colonies was introduced on March 22nd, 1765.

The physician died on March 5th, 1815. 

The 'Divine Sarah' had her right leg amputated on February 22nd, 1915.  

The novelist and peer died on February 11th, 1940. 

The young queen married Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha on February 10th, 1840.



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