Peter Mandler

Peter Mandler explains how the anthropologist Margaret Mead, author of best-selling studies of ‘primitive’ peoples, became a major influence on US military thinking during the Second World War.

The heritage debate of the 1980s was spurred by the apparently paradoxical coincidence of deindustrialisation: Thatcher’s drive to modernise and...

Global history has become a vigorous field in recent years, examining all parts of the empires of Europe and Asia and moving beyond the confines of ‘top-down’ diplomatic history, as Peter Mandler explains.

Peter Mandler gives a fairly short introduction to ‘Very Short Introductions’

Biography of the classical Oxford scholar

First and foremost was sexual  radicalism: it had been his strong homosexual feelings, and the poetic language
Free Trade Nation
Commerce, Consumption, and Civil Society in Modern Britain
Frank Trentmann

Peter Mandler argues that academic historians have a crucial contribution to make to the nation’s cultural life.

Paul Langford is a phenomenon. For the last few years, he has been dashing about the country as first Chairman and Chief Executive of the Arts and...

The Parisian lives in a flat, the Londoner in a house; the Parisian is communal, promiscuous and revolutionary, the Londoner private, puritanical...



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