East India Company

Peter Mandler

Peter Mandler explains how the anthropologist Margaret Mead, author of best-selling studies of ‘primitive’ peoples, became a major influence on US military thinking during the Second World War.

The heritage debate of the 1980s was spurred by the apparently paradoxical coincidence of deindustrialisation: Thatcher’s drive to modernise and...

Global history has become a vigorous field in recent years, examining all parts of the empires of Europe and Asia and moving beyond the confines of ‘top-down’ diplomatic history, as Peter Mandler explains.

Peter Mandler gives a fairly short introduction to ‘Very Short Introductions’

Biography of the classical Oxford scholar

Free Trade Nation
Commerce, Consumption, and Civil Society in Modern Britain
Frank Trentmann

Peter Mandler argues that academic historians have a crucial contribution to make to the nation’s cultural life.

Paul Langford is a phenomenon. For the last few years, he has been dashing about the country as first Chairman and Chief Executive of the Arts and...

The Parisian lives in a flat, the Londoner in a house; the Parisian is communal, promiscuous and revolutionary, the Londoner private, puritanical...

  • Marriage, Debt and the Estates System: English Landownership 1850-1950
    by John Habakkuk - Clarendon Press, 1994 - xviii + 786.
  • ...