Kevin Sharpe

Kevin Sharpe revisits an article by C.V. Wedgwood, first published in History Today in 1960, that looks at the diplomatic mission made by the artist Peter Paul Rubens to the court of Charles I. Read the original article here.

Hugh Trevor-Roper, Lord Dacre of Glanton, is a rich subject for a biographer. Intelligence officer, director of Times Newspapers, active member of...

Kevin Sharpe mourns the loss of an historian who wrote and made history.

  • Elizabethan Essays
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  • Religion, Culture
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The Elizabethan Secret Service

Alison Plowden – Harvester, 1991 - ix + 158 pp. - £30


Unrevolutionary England, 1603-1642

Conrad Russell - Hambledon Press, 1990 - xxx+313pp. - £30...

  • Images of Love and Religion: Queen Henrietta Maria and Court Entertainment
    Erica Veevers (Cambridge University Press,
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