Kate Wiles

Kate Wiles highlights the Ottoman cartographer Piri Re'is and his charts, which blend navigation and art.

The earliest surviving written evidence of a Romance language, the Oaths of Strasbourg were sworn on February 14th, 842.

A look at John Ogilby's Britannia road atlas of 1675.

Kate Wiles on a 'map to the stars', designed to promote a Los Angeles neighbourhood to Hollywood's new celebrities.

The feeling of awe and excitement, akin to meeting one’s idol, will be familiar to anyone lucky enough to make medieval manuscripts their life’s...

Kate Wiles introduces a depiction of the earth's surface as it might have looked when the ‘Atlantean race’ was at its height.

Kate Wiles explores a unique nautical chart, designed to be understood only by its creator.

Kate Wiles provides context for the first European image of the Aztec capital, razed by the Spanish in 1521.