Jerome de Groot

Jerome de Groot rounds up recent releases.

Jerome de Groot casts his eye over a selection of recent releases.

Jerome de Groot considers recent releases.

In the latest of his occasional surveys of historical fiction, Jerome de Groot casts a critical eye on the often disparaged genre of romance.

In our latest survey of historical fiction Jerome de Groot finds a remarkable breadth of books that address our need for present-day certainties to confound the chaos of the past – and revisits a timeless classic.

Jerome de Groot wades through the swathes of warriors landing on his desk to give us a round-up of the best battle-laden historical fiction for this year.

Dr. Jerome de Groot of the University of Manchester considers the new series of Downton Abbey.

Jay Margrave’s The Nine Lives of Kit Marlowe (Goldenford, £8.99) follows the ‘mercurial’ playwright after he fakes his own death by...

In television criticism there is a phrase ‘jumping the shark’, used when a series gets too excessive, bereft of inspiration, or just plain silly....

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