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Ian Bradley

It was Scots who were the most vocal advocates of a vibrant, imperial, Protestant Great Britain.

Since its foundation, writes Ian Bradley, the Old Vic theatre became in turn a drinking den, a temperance hall, and the home of serious ballet and drama.

Ian Bradley traces the development of the Salvation Army's brass sections.

Though Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, the influence of St Columba on Scottish Christianity remains profound. Ian Bradley examines the Celtic evangelist’s legacy 1,450 years after his arrival on the Hebridean island of Iona.

A new biography looks beyond William Wilberforce's public profile to consider his private life.

As Elizabeth II celebrates 60 years on the throne, Ian Bradley looks at the fundamentally religious nature of monarchy and the persistence of its spiritual aspects in a secular age.

Two books that underline the extent to which the Victorians clung on to the roots and language of religious faith after they had abandoned it

Ian Bradley looks at the life of Vincent Priessnitz, pioneer of hydrotherapy, whose water cures gained advocates throughout 19th-century Europe and beyond and are still popular today.

The English philanthropist was born on August 24th, 1759. Ian Bradley explains how his reputation as a champion of the abolition of slavery, evangelical and politician has undergone a series of reassessments.

Ian Bradley books which consider the historical context and background of the work of Gilbert and Sullivan.

On the centenary of the death of W.S.Gilbert Ian Bradley examines the achievements of the surprisingly radical Victorian dramatist and librettist who, in collaboration with the composer Arthur Sullivan, created classic satires of English national identity.

Ian Bradley on the precarious past of a pure Worcestershire water.

Ian Bradley reviews a book by Fikret Yegül about the ancient Romans' passion for bathing.

Ian Bradley reviews two books with the related theme of the history of Christianity.

Ian Bradley reflects on the origins and development of Christmas carols.

B.W. Young

Three new books on society and class from the 18th century

Ian Bradley explores
Ian Bradley reviews

Ian Bradley assesses

Ian Bradley reviews

A range of new works examining history north of the border

Ian Bradley looks at what qualified as family favourites in the last decade of the nineteenth century.

Two books on one of the founders of the Green movement.
Ian Bradley reviews Volumes 11 and 12
Ian Bradley tests the genteel waters of Crieff Hydro and its past
Edited by Kenneth Baker

Two works examining 18th-century religion in Britain

Ian Bradley examines the driving forces behind the crofters' attacks on the deer forests of Skye and Lewis.

Ian Bradley explores a publication on English literature and the traditions of political verse.

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