Dean Nicholas

A Buenos Aires building whose architecture is inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy, representing Hell, Purgatory and Paradise.

Hidden beneath a hill in central Mexico lies the world's largest pyramid. 

A German map published in 1507 was the first to name the continent.

From Benin to Sardinia to the North Caucasian Emirate: curious examples of the flag-maker's art. 

Where did the French, British, Spanish and Portuguese empires send their convicts?

The little-known subterranean railway will open as part of the new Postal Museum. 

A marvel of the Victorian era, the Crystal Palace was destroyed in a fire on November 30th, 1936.

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An interactive guide to the long conflict between England and France.

'Take two ounces of Labdanum...' – a guide to smelling sweet in the early modern era.