War in the West

Bernard Porter

Once among the least monitored nations in the world, Britain is now probably the most watched. Why do Britons make so little fuss about this erosion of their ancient liberties, asks Bernard Porter?

My heart sank a little on receiving this book for review, first because it looked initially as if it was going to be another of those ‘...

It is now roughly 50 years since the British Empire came to an end – it’s difficult to give an exact date  and of course there are still some bits...

The ‘British Empire’ was the name given by imperialists in the late 19th century to Britain’s territorial possessions. It was meant to create an image of unity and strength. But such a view is illusory, argues Bernard Porter.

The British Empire was never wholly English, of course, or even predominantly so. Scotland had its own colonial enterprises before the Act of...

Don’t be misled by the title of this book. If you’re expecting something along the lines of Hitler’s Table-Talk (edited by Hugh Trevor-...

It’s all coming out now: the violence and atrocities that accompanied Britain’s decolonisation after the Second World War. Not everywhere, but in...

A mid-Victorian competition to design new Government Offices in Whitehall fell victim to a battle between the competing styles of Gothic and Classical. The result proved unworthy of a nation then at its imperial zenith.

Bernard Porter reviews two books on empire and colonialism.

Bernard Porter reviews the field of studies of British covert operations and espionage.



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