Andrew Pettegree

The newspaper was born when publishers in Protestant lands began to produce printed versions of the hand-written bulletins that had provided news for Europe’s elites. It was to prove a difficult birth, as Andrew Pettegree explains.

Andrew Pettegree asks why so many small towns in France have magnificent libraries of rare books.

The King’s Reformation: Henry VIII and the Remaking of the English Church

By George Bernard...

Andrew Pettegree re-reads Geoffrey Elton’s classic text and considers how the subject has developed in nearly four decades since it was written.

Andrew Pettegree charts Hans Holbein’s path from Germany to England and points to the ironies of his reputation as a great Protestant painter.

How important was the man to the movement? Andrew Pettegree asks what would have happened to the Reformation had the Diet of Worms witnessed its leader’s martyrdom.

The Birth of the Elizabethan Age: England in the 1560s

Norman Jones – Blackwell, 1993 - xiv + 304 pp. - £...

  • A Life Of John Calvin
    Alister McGrath - Basil Blackwell, 1990 - 332 pp. – £19.95

John Calvin has never...

Reformation Studies

by A.G. Dickens. 609 pp. (Hambledon Press, £24)

In the twenty years since A.G...

Queen Elizabeth and the Making of Policy, 1572-88

By Wallace T. MacCaffrey