A.D. Harvey

A right-wing Catholic who crushed all his rivals, Engelbert Dollfuss fought hard to maintain his young republic’s independence. A.D. Harvey looks at the life of the tiny patriot of peasant stock who stood up to Hitler.

A.D. Harvey thinks the world of academia is letting down the thousands who make Black History Month such a popular success each year.

The Wars Against Napoleon: Debunking the Myth of the Napoleonic Wars

Michel Franceschi and Ben Weider...

Napoleon’s Wars: An International History

Charles Esdaile

Penguin Allen Lane  622pp £30  ISBN 0 713 99715 6

Other than a...

A.D. Harvey peruses the new updated version of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

A.D. Harvey recalls the career of the Swedish king whose assassination inspired a famous opera.

Richard P. Hallion moves from Icarus to Leonardo da Vinci in twenty pages and covers the nineteenth century’s experimental blind alleys in another...

A.D. Harvey celebrates the 150th birthday of The Field.

We so take for granted present-day society’s love affair with technology that paradoxically we tend to forget how involved our forefathers were in...

A.D. Harvey assesses the role of the Soviet Air Force in the defeat of Nazism.