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Rowena Hammal explains why the Korean War broke out in 1950.

Rowena Hammal explains why the Korean War broke out in 1950.

Issue: 67 2010

Wilson Strand looks at the many attempts to open Korea to Western trade in the 19th century.

Volume: 54 Issue: 1 2004

It was not until a year after the armistice that the remaining American divisions were withdrawn from Korea, on August 18th, 1954.

Volume: 54 Issue: 8 2004

When North Korean tanks and infantry crossed the Thirty-Eighth Parallel in 1950, the Korean War began. The three-year war cost United Nations and South Korean forces over 200,000 casualties.

Volume: 50 Issue: 6 2000

Paul Wingrove looks at the roles of Stalin, Mao and Kim Il Sung.

Volume: 50 Issue: 7 2000

Brian Catchpole remembers the sufferings and heroism of the Commonwealth Division in the first major conflict of the Cold War.

Volume: 48 Issue: 11 1998

Ronan Thomas takes a look at the cultures of Korea after becoming independent from Japan in 1945.

Volume: 47 Issue: 1 1997

Ann Hills on how Korea’s rich history is displayed.

Volume: 37 Issue: 4 1987

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