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Franklin D. Roosevelt

A photograph taken during the Great Depression prompts Roger Hudson to re-evaluate Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Dan Plesch describes how President Roosevelt’s introduction of a global day of solidarity in June 1942 successfully promoted the ideals of the United Nations and his Four Freedoms, boosting morale in the worldwide fight against fascism.

‘I have decided to get rid of Brooke. He hates me. You can see the hate in his eyes.’ Thus Churchill to General Ismay who then told Brooke (later...

Richard Cavendish remembers the events of March 4th, 1933

Paul Dukes assesses the roles of the major statesmen from Britain, the USA and the USSR during the Second World War and the onset of the Cold War.

David Nicholas suggests that America’s involvement in northern Europe was unwittingly shaped by a British War Office official, against the wishes of the President.

Richard Cavendish marks the anniversary of the union of two branches of the Roosevelts, on March 17th, 1905

Thomas Fleming's comments on the many calls for 'unconditional surrender'.

Did America's far right plot against Franklin Roosevelt and his New Deal - only to be foiled by a retired Marine Corps general? Clayton Cramer lifts the lid on an intriguing but little-known tale.

Our idea of the wartime 'Big Three' may be derived from their photographs together at Teheran in 1943 and at Yalta in 1945; it is well to be...