Second World War

‘In wartime’, Churchill remarked to Stalin during the Tehran conference of November 1943, ‘truth is so precious...

To coincide with the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, a Blu-Ray version of Claude Lanzmann’s monumental documentary Shoah has been released. 

After 70 years, a visual record of the liberation of Belsen has been restored.

Second-hand books don’t just tell the stories of their authors but of their former owners, too.

Among the many ways in which the First World War influenced the Second, genocide has received...

The centenary of the outbreak of the First World War has reawakened controversy about its origins. Those of the Second World War are less...

In the summer of 1944, writes Willis Thornton, when Paris was to be liberated, and how, became for the Western allies a problem not only of military but of deep political significance.

The Yugoslav coup of 1941 marked a turning-point in the Second World War. Although the country was quickly overrun by German arms, writes A.W. Palmer, Hitler’s timetable for the invasion of Russia was seriously thrown out.

Richard Freeman asks whether public hysteria in wartime Britain helped fend off an attack, while public apathy in America help to precipitate one.

Ronald Lewin offers his study of the German Commander as one of the ‘Great Captains’ of war.



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