Second World War

Few lives provide a more appropriate subject for biographical decoding than the brilliant mathematician, cryptanalyst and father of artificial...

I am naturally suspicious of any book that sells itself by claiming to tell the story of a secret unit ‘that changed the course of the First World...

On its 75th anniversary, Philip Weir remembers Britain’s first attempt to smash a major hydroelectric dam: the bombardment of Genoa in 1941.

Mihir Bose challenges the perception of Winston Churchill as a demi-god who was essential to Britain's war effort.

Even against the prodigious catalogue of human criminality that so tarnished the European experience over the course of the last century, the...

The Nazis believed that Islamic forces would prove crucial wartime allies. But, as David Motadel shows, the Muslim world was unwilling to be swayed by the Third Reich's advances.

In this volume, Rolf-Dieter Müller, former director of research at the German Military History Research Office, sets out to undermine what he...

On the anniversary of its dramatic sinking, Philip Weir revisits the controversy surrounding the mysterious events of that fateful day.

Roger Hudson detailes how 122,000 French troops were evacuated from Dunkirk to Britain in May 1940. 

Larry Gragg investigates the evidence behind ‘Bugsy Siegels claim that he planned to kill the high-ranking Nazi in 1939.


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