Roman Empire

Evidence of make-up and beauty treatments reveal the daily nuances of Roman life.

Few figures in classical antiquity can be the subject of a detailed biography. Cicero and St Augustine each provide a lot of autobiographical...

The emperor Commodus was immortalised in the film Gladiator as an unstable and insecure ruler who fought in the arena to win the...

The struggle for control of the straits dividing Sicily from southern Italy brought the two great empires of the Mediterranean, Carthage and Rome, head to head. It was a world in which ruthless mercenaries prospered.

Since antiquity, moneymen have been the target of vitriol. 

Michael Greenhalgh describes how Roman architecture and Graeco-Roman statues made a profound impression upon the great Renaissance artists.

The North African country is considering how best to serve its rich heritage.

T.P. Wiseman looks at how Roman republican ideals and the struggle between optimates and populares shaped the lives and legacies of the Roman imperator, Augustus, and his designated successor, Tiberius.

The city burned on July 18th, AD 64.

Raoul McLaughlin talks about Rome’s desire for an African empire, a fierce struggle for trade, land and the search for the source of the Nile.


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