War in the West

Ancient Greece

Edith Hall has written a flamboyant, readable and different account of the ancient Greeks, well tailored for the modern reader. She tells the old...

Paul Cartledge argues that all historiography can be seen as fictionalised and relishes the fact that novelists breathe new life into ancient worlds.

The Greeks had their gods and the modern world has the Greeks. Something about them ensured that their political, artistic and philosophical ideas...

An exhibition at the British Museum explores depictions of the human body in Greek sculpture. 

From sausage-sellers to suffragettes, questioning and puncturing our political leaders through satire has been essential for democracy ever since comedy was born in Ancient Greece, argues Edith Hall.

‘A palatable taster of what ancient literature and culture can do for us in the present day’; so the editors describe this short book. In their...

The stately, rhythmic elegance of Greek temple architecture has inspired generations of...

The romantic liaison between the great Amazon warrior queen and the conqueror of the known world has been much mythologised. But did such a delicious pairing really happen? Adrienne Mayor investigates.

Concealed within the folds of the Parnassian Mountains, Delphi is well positioned to maintain its secrets. In the ancient world, however, the...

Many paleoanthropologists believe that for most of history it is young people who were in charge. By Michael S. Cummings and Simon Maghakyan.



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