Around 1300 a Northamptonshire man called Richard Mandeville killed his brother in the course of a stone-throwing competition. Whether this was...

The French are visible all over London and not just in the South Kensington area, or ‘Frog Valley’ as it is affectionately known. One can buy...

Roger Hudson detailes how 122,000 French troops were evacuated from Dunkirk to Britain in May 1940. 

To the modern imagination, French Jewish life under the Vichy Regime (1940-44) has long been...

Glenn Richardson explores the life and personality of Francis I.

With his own elaborate imperial court, with his family ensconced on thrones across the continent, and with his overthrow of several historic republics, Napoleon brought Europe to a pinnacle of monarchism, argues Philip Mansel.

In 1871 Paris revolted against the French state. Many Parisians did not accept France’s defeat in the Franco-Prussian War. Nor did they trust the...

The mistress of Lord Nelson died on January 15th, 1815. 

Terrorist violence has a long history in France.

Besides his work as a military engineer, Vauban published books on a variety of subjects, from religious tolerance to pig-breeding and royal taxation. By F.J. Hebbert and G.A. Rothrock.


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