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In 1871 Paris revolted against the French state. Many Parisians did not accept France’s defeat in the Franco-Prussian War. Nor did they trust the...

The mistress of Lord Nelson died on January 15th, 1815. 

Terrorist violence has a long history in France.

Besides his work as a military engineer, Vauban published books on a variety of subjects, from religious tolerance to pig-breeding and royal taxation. By F.J. Hebbert and G.A. Rothrock.

Born of a Calvinist family in the principality of Sedan, Turenne became the military hero of the Bourbon forces in civil and foreign wars. By Aram Bakshian.

Between 1886 and 1889, writes John Roberts, an ambitious soldier, taking advantage of a “vague aspiration toward national regeneration”, seemed to come near to destroying the Republic in France.

J.M. Thompson profiles Napoleon's revolutionary younger brother, who often clashed with the French leader.

The atmosphere of plot and intrigue that surrounded the last few years of the Third Republic, writes Geoffrey Warner, has given French right wing extremists a taste for armed conspiracy.

Robert E. Zegger describes the alarming dip in Anglo-French relations, half way through the reign of Napoleon III.

Joanna Richardson describes some French visitors to England, from Louis XVIII and Madame de Stael to Verlaine and Mallarme.