New College of the Humanities

Issue 48 March 2004

Robert Pearce has been immersing himself in a gargantuan set of reference books.

Richard Wilkinson is impressed by a new study of the women’s movement.

Mark Rathbone looks at the role of the Supreme Court in the history of civil rights in the USA from 1865 onwards.

Tim Black seeks to answer a question of momentous historical importance.

Edward Falshaw advises how our study of this important period can match the examiners’ agenda.

Damian O’Connor examines the motives of the man who started the conflict.

Richard Wilkinson exposes prejudice and myth in assessing the career of a key figure in modern French history.

John Matusiak referees the debate about the influence of Henry VIII’s son.

Peter Anderson identifies the groups, the grievances and the events which started the war.

Mark Rathbone reviews a textbook on American History.