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History Review, Issue: 33

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Robert Pearce examines a work on the British Empire from the new Cambridge Perspectives in History series.

Richard Wilkinson has been reading early-modern books from the Longman In Depth series.

Peter Clements looks at two new books on 19th and 20th century Italy.

Richard Mackenney reviews a book in the new Access to History: Themes series.

Matthew Christmas has consulted his students on three modern history volumes from a new series.

Vyvyen Brendon considers the latest books on the First World War.

Nick Henshall welcomes a breakthrough in historical publishing.  

Eric Evans not only updates us on the latest research on Chartism but recommends how to avoid examination pitfalls.

Peter Clements explains that addressing the question directly is the key to securing good grades.

Ronald Kowalski and Dilwyn Porter place a famous series of football matches into the context of sports history, politics and international relations.

Robert Hole examines the often misunderstood careers of Lorenzo the Magnificent and his brother Giuliano, whose power in Renaissance Florence was wielded with great...

Michael Hutchings argues that for too long Protestant historians have concentrated on the negative aspects of the era of ‘Bloody Mary' and that, in sharp contrast,...

It is often said that the 'ifs of history' are fascinating but fruitless. Here, Rob Stradling shows that a counter-factual consideration of what might have happened...

In reviewing the career of one of the key figures in modern Russian history, Michael Lynch rejects the notion that Trotsky would have been a more humane leader than...

Stewart MacDonald asks a key question of the wars which dominated the history of Europe in the First half of the Sixteenth Century.

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