Medicine & Disease

Lifting the Flap

Anatomical pop-up books, introduced in the 16th century, took anatomy out of the lecture hall and into the home. 

A Medical Break Through

The physician James Parkinson, who lent his name to the medical condition he defined, was born on 11 April 1755.

Saving Face

The Renaissance face provided clues about the wealth and health of its owner. Those who had been disfigured were often mistreated, but to alter one’s appearance carried a stigma of its own. 

Size Matters

In Georgian Britain, England’s ‘heaviest man’ became a celebrity, his likeness reproduced across an array of media.

The Doctor Is In

Mills & Boon’s medical romances helped make the NHS more appealing to an ambivalent public. 

The Morality of Medicine

The rise of laboratory science in the late 19th century put stark focus on the moral cost of medical innovation.

Desperate Measures

Driven to extremes by the expectations loaded on them, some men turned to self-castration.