Japanese travel poster for the Great Wall of China,1937 © Bridgeman Images.

The story of China and Japan, and the periodic efforts to find a modus vivendi.


The human cost and conflict behind ‘beef for everyone’.

The 2nd Dragoon Guards, the Queen's Bays, routing the Lucknow mutineers near the Hyderabad road, Orlando Norie, 1859. Brown University Library/Wiki Commons.

Documenting the men and women who took a stand against the imperial tide.

Capitals in the centre of the main entrance of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem. Auguste Salzmann, 1854. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

There is nothing exclusively modern about the dream of a world transformed by Reformation, Enlightenment, or revolution.

The blues of Samarkand. Photo: Angshuman Chatterjee

Successful cities, by the very nature of mercantile and intellectual exchange, must be multicultural and tolerant of diversity.

Reliquary bust of Charlemagne, 1349 © Bridgeman Images

A new book presents an account of Charlemagne, year by year, without hindsight.

Potosi, from a Map of South America, London c.1715

Potosí’s fame came not only from its wealth, but also its notoriety for appalling working conditions.

Erotic fresco from the lupanar, Pompeii, first century AD. Photo by Frédéric Soltan © Getty Images

The largest of Pompeii's legalised Lupanars is the only surviving ‘purpose-built’ Roman brothel.

England play Hungary at Wembley Stadium in 1953 © Hulton Getty Images

Many of the ideas that shape football today were developed in the 1920s by a generation of Hungarian coaches.

Boney bringing home the truth from Spain (Satire on the Peninsular War), 7 September 1808. Library of Congress

How a government-sponsored network of civilian agents complemented Wellington's own intelligence gathering.