Robert the Bruce: Born To Be King?

Remembered today as a national hero, Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, had an upbringing which spanned Essex to Ulster. He was a hybrid king to the last.

Ireland and Palestine: United by Partition?

Ireland’s experience of partition informed the attitudes of people across the island towards British plans for Palestine. Today it informs sympathies in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Queen Victoria’s Stalker

Was the army captain in love with Queen Victoria a dangerous obsessive or an innocent man? His NSFW letters shocked but so did his treatment.

Writing Wrongs

The anti-Russian poetry of Frances Browne, the ‘Blind Poetess of Ulster’.

Ulster’s ‘Lost Counties’

In December 1922 a proclamation signed by George V formally established the Irish Free State. Among loyalists in three border counties of Ulster, partitioned and cut adrift from unionist jurisdiction, the sense of betrayal was acute.

An Irish Cuba?

During the worst year of the Troubles, the British government became alarmed at the implications of a Soviet embassy opening in Dublin.

Frederick Douglass on Tour

When the abolitionist author visited Britain and Ireland in 1845 he was celebrated in poems and songs wherever he went. Arriving as an enslaved man, he left with his freedom.

Statute of Kilkenny

The parliament of Kilkenny, which passed the eponymous Statute, opened on 18 February 1366.