Human Rites

A Whiggish history of humanism from the Renaissance to the present.

Bombs for Peace

To justify their use, nuclear weapons were rebranded as a force for good.

Against the Odds

The Battle of the Springs of Cresson marked the beginning of the end for the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Putting Up Fences

Access to land was once a common right; we have lost more than just the freedom to roam.

Law of the Land

What relevance do the Norman Conquest and the events of 1066 have to contemporary British politics? Everything and nothing.

On the Ballot

Before the secret ballot, voting in Britain was a theatrical, violent and public affair. The Act that made democracy private turns 150 this year.

Get in the Sea

Rediscovering the disappeared towns and settlements across Britain.

Babies of the House

The UK Parliament was not designed for women with children and this continues to present challenges for new parents. How far have things changed?