Volume 6 Issue 12 December 1956

Nestor Makhno and the Russian Civil War

During the fierce struggle that followed the Russian Revolution, writes David Footman, an intrepid Ukrainian guerilla leader waged war against Whites and Reds alike.

French Taste from 1800 to 1900

During the nineteenth century French taste reflected the social and political trends of the period; but it was also much influenced, writes Brian Reade,  by the work of English craftsmen.

Marshal Saxe, 1696-1750: Magnanimity Run Wild

Jon Manchip White introduces one of the greatest generals and strangest personalities of his age, Maurice de Saxe, who was “vain, childish, virile, hard-bitten, chivalrous when it suited him ...”

The Cities of the Maya

Between the fourth and the sixteenth centuries two great Mayan civilizations arose and declined in Central America.