Volume 59 Issue 9 September 2009

After the Cold War

Martin Evans introduces a short series looking at changing attitudes to history in the former Communist states.

The Power of the Ancients

Bettany Hughes contemplates the vanity of her profession as she outlines the reasons why we must continue to engage with our very distant past.

History Made Horrible: Terry Deary

Terry Deary’s hugely popular Horrible Histories have leapt beyond the page onto airwaves, stage and screen. Peter J. Beck considers the success of the format and what it tells us about history aimed at children. 

Haunted by Stalin's Ghost

Catherine Merridale examines competing versions of Russia's troubled past in the light of present politics.

General Wolfe's Men in Quebec

Two hundred and fifty years ago a British Army under General James Wolfe won a momentous battle at Quebec. But, as Stephen Brumwell argues, a crucial – and neglected – ingredient in Wolfe’s dramatic victory was the professionalism of the army he had helped to create.