Volume 53 Issue 5 May 2003

Protecting the Rump

We continue our series of pen-portraits of less-well-known parliamentarians with a sketch of Richard Salwey, member of the Long Parliament and commissioner for the navy.

Homage to the Horse

This spring Lexington, Kentucky, home of American horse-racing, is staging a unique exhibition of some of Britain’s most prized equine artefacts. Tracy Powell explains.

Rothschild On-line

Victor Gray, Director of the Rothschild Archive, introduces a new website that will prove a invaluable resource for all students of economic, and social history, and more besides.

The Succession and Foreign Policy

Simon Adams looks at the close connections between Elizabeth’s ascendancy, her religion and her ensuing relationships with the states of Europe.

Torture at the Tower

Jeremy Ashbee, from the Historic Royal Palaces, discusses a new programme at the Tower of London on punishment and imprisonment.

Exhibiting the Lindisfarne Gospels

Michelle Brown, curator of Illuminated Manuscripts at the British Library, discusses new interpretations of this treasure, and how this month visitors to the Library will be able to get closer to it than ever before.