Volume 51 Issue 1 January 2001

Not Such Simple Gifts

Lynne Stembridge looks beyond the homespun image of the Shakers, to reveal the substance of the original movement and its sometimes turbulent past.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Robert Poole contributes to our occasional Film in Context series, with a look at the way in which Stanley Kubrick redefined our views not only of the future, but of space itself.

Counting the Slaves

Stephen D. Behrendt marks the advent of an electronic database for the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Interview: David Starkey

Daniel Snowman meets the biographer of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, media don and constitutional expert.

Death of Guiseppe Verdi

Guiseppe Verdi, described by the Italian parliament as 'one of the highest expressions of the national genius' died on January 27th, 1901, aged 87.