Volume 49 Issue 10 October 1999

Asa Briggs

Daniel Snowman meets the co-founder of the University of Sussex and doyen of Victorian history.

Tremain’s Terrain

Rose Tremain reveals how her fascination with the seventeenth century was the key that unlocked the world of her acclaimed historical novels.

Who Was Hornblower?

John D. Grainger investigates the creation of C.S. Forester’s naval hero of the Napoleonic Wars - and identifies not one but two Hornblower originals.

Time and Time Again in Java

Revolutions and changes of dynasty seem to have happened with the regularity of clockwork on the island of Java. M.C. Ricklefs investigates.

The Death of Edgar Allan Poe

Charles Baudelaire described Edgar Allan Poe's death, on October 7th, 1849, as 'almost a suicide, a suicide prepared for a long time'.

Rebuilding Dresden

Rebuilding the Frauenkirche church which was destroyed in the 1945 Dresden bombings.