Volume 46 Issue 1 January 1996

A Truly Palatial Home

Denise Silvester-Carr explores Eltham Palace and its connections with the Courtauld family.

I'm All Right Jack

Peter Stead looks at how a film that had British audiences chuckling, had a tarter subtext on social and class divisions at the end of the 1950s

Keynes and the Degas Sale

Piling a clutch of French masterpieces into the back of his car, a young British Government official secured the paintings for himself-and a treasure-trove of others for the nation with borrowed money from a Paris under siege in the final hectic months of the First World War. The official was John Maynard Keynes - Anne Emberton tells the story of his coup de theatre and its impact on 20th-century British cultural politics.

Charles I: Regicide and Republicanism

On a cold January morning in 1649 Charles I stepped out onto a scaffold in Whitehall and into history, seen by some as a tyrant, by others as a martyr. But how far was the intellectual climate of mid-17th-century England ready for the republic that followed? Sarah Barber presents the latest thinking.