Volume 42 Issue 9 September 1992

California's Spanish Missions

Louis Kleber tells the story of how a small group of Spanish friars dotted the west coast of America with outposts of their impact on the native populations they co-opted into their settlement.

Defining an Aristocracy, 1000-1300

How did feudal warlords acquire good breeding and the refinements of culture? David Crouch looks beyond the images of Hollywood and Sir Walter Scott in a revealing new study of how manners and mores developed in the early Middle Ages

Post-Haste by Post Horse?

Mark Brayshay draws on his recent archival research to present this upbeat view of how news travelled in Early Modern Europe.

The Dangers of Prophecy

Max Beloff looks at what he (and other historians) got wrong (and right) about the future 50 years ago.

The Wheels and Wings of Progress

Richard Overy examines how technological advances in the air and on the road gave society a jump-start at the end of the nineteenth century.

Who Killed Jan Masaryk?

Robin Bruce Lockhart looks at the Anglophile his father knew and discusses new theories on how he died and why.