Volume 42 Issue 6 June 1992

A Balancing Act - Romania, 1919-1940

Caught between the bear and the eagle – Dennis Deletant examines how one Balkan nation with substantial minorities problems, struggled in vain to avoid being swept aside in the gathering storms of inter-war Europe.

The Myth of Absolutism

Enlightened despots or imperial new clothes? Nicholas Henshall takes a fresh look at the realities of power in the bureaucracies and rulers of ancien regime Europe.

The International Economy

An end to the old order - Clive Lee looks at the pressures and changes that marked out the 1890s as a frontier post in a settled world economy.

Phoney War - England, Summer 1642

'Tis to be feared this threatening storm will not be allayed without some showers... of blood' – Chris Durston chronicles the rumours and fears of an England on the brink of fratricidal conflict.