Volume 42 Issue 4 April 1992

Taboo Talk

Steve Humphries unlocks the taboo histories of the disabled and handicapped.

The Warwick Vase

David Buttery considers the Warwick Vase, its origins, wanderings and greenhouse home.

The Degenerating Genius

Daniel Pick looks at change, melodrama and decay in the creative work of the artists of the Fin de Siècle 1890s period.

The Freud Revolution

Si Fullinwider analyses how the nineteenth-century values of sexless 'respectability' were challenged by the ambiguities stirred up by Freud's delving into the unconcious.

The Fashionable Sex, 1100-1600

 Dedicated followers of fashion – or senders of coded messages via the doublet, codpiece and hose? Lois Banner mounts an intriguing investigation of how male clothing reflected changing images of power, gender and sexuality in medieval Europe.