Volume 37 Issue 9 September 1987

Greek Geriatrics

Elders and betters? Attitudes towards old age in the society of classical Greece were enormously varied and often far from respectful.

Clarendon and the Great Rebellion

Life a moral drama - Richard Ollard, author of the latest study of Clarendon, argues that he was uniquely placed, as both chronicler of and participant in the English Civil War, to reflect in his writings his way of 'making sense' of politics, history and religion.

The Cid of History and the History of Cid

A myth for all seasons - the treatment through the centuries of Spain's medieval hero as a blend of Robin Hood and King Arthur provides revealing insights into the political needs of both his contemporary and more recent biographers.

Pugin & the Medieval Dream

Once upon a time... nostalgia for the imagined medieval harmony of the arts, religion and society was a powerful impetus for the aesthetic revival in these areas in Victorian England.