Volume 37 Issue 11 November 1987

Patronage in Gothic England

To the greater glory of God – but not forgetting to include the patron – was the guiding principle of the creative art of the Middle Ages.

Wycliffe and the Lollards

The formidable intellectual challenge to the English church by Wyclif and the pastoral work of his followers challenged the hitherto unquestioned acceptance of clerical authority and opened the door to individual judgement and conscience in religious matters.

Knightly Codes And Piety

Juliet and Malcolm Vale trace through the web of secular status and religious instincts that made up the codes of conduct of English chivalry.

Julius Caesar and the Hereford World Map

Is there a direct link between Julius Caesar, the Rome of the 1st century BC and a medieval world map in Hereford Cathedral? Peter Wiseman investigates the origins and purpose of one of the Age of Chivalry's exhibits.