Volume 37 Issue 10 October 1987

Soane's Ealing Home

Crispin Robinson looks into one of Sir John Soanes restoration of of Pitschanger Manor.

Counter-Revolution? Toulon, 1793

The spectacular defection of France's principal naval base to the British should be seen less as a master-stroke by forces of reaction and more as the anguished response of local moderates to the Revolution's extremes.

Whatever Happened to the English Reformation?

'Revisionism' has now become a historian's catch-phrase. Long-cherished interpretations of upheavals in British and European history have been re-examined. In this light, Glyn Redworth examines revisionist interpretations of the English Reformation.

Alcibiades of Athens

Rebel without a cause? Paul Cartledge probes whether the chequered career of one of fifth-century Athens' most famous sons reveals more about conflicting codes of loyalty than just the machinations of a turncoat.