Volume 36 Issue 10 October 1986

Newspapers and Politics in the 18th century

‘Have the authors of a two-penny weekly journal, a right to make a national inquiry'? 18th-century governments thought not and neither did the newspapers’ readers of the time.

Change of Station

Tony Aldous observes the Newham based Passmore Edwards Museum which tells part of the story of the Great eastern railways.

Crisis in Flanders, 1127-28 - The Murder of Charles the Good

Was the murder of the Count of Flanders by his own vassals divine retribution for past errors, or simply another stage in the development of a state? The chronicle of Galbert of Bruges gives a day-by-day account of the dramatic events following the assassination.


Richard Normington looks into the popularity of Wargames.

Pagans and Christians

James Graham-Campbell looks at the persisting image of the Vikings as pagan raiders striking at isolated Christian settlements. But is this the whole truth? And how and why did the Vikings adopt Christianity?