Volume 34 Issue 3 March 1984


Paul Cartledge argues ancient history should be brought in from the cold.

Politics of the Airwaves

In the 1920s and 30s the wireless transformed British politics - particularly at elections - as vote-seeking politicians had to adapt their style to the demands of a mass firesde audience.

What was the English Revolution?

The first of three distinguished historians at the centre of current debates, John Morrill offers his own personal conviction about the nature of the greatest of all political upheavals in our history.

Whose Heritage?

John Gould argues for the return of national treasures ... while Malcolm McLeod expresses reservations ...

Lord Elgin's 'Acquisitions'

Lord Elgin 'acquired' more than 170 crates of ancient marbles from Greece. He always maintained that his motive was a disinterested wish to preserve these treasures. But, as John Gould discovered, his letters reveal a rather different story...