Volume 31 Issue 10 October 1981

Southern Barbarians and Red-Hairs in Feudal Japan

Nagasaki is often immediately associated with the American atomic attack on August 9th, 1945. However, it was also, for over two centuries, the only place in Japan open to foreigners. How were Europeans received there?

War and the Past

Richard Holmes continues our series with a look at the Problems of Military Biography.

Acton, Conscience and the Modern Nation

Irene Coltman Brown argues that Lord Acton foresaw that the course of modern nationalism, no longer subject to moral law, 'will be marked with material as well as moral ruin'.

Jews and Judaism in the Ancient World

Neither the Greeks nor the Romans paid much attention to the achievements or customs of the peoples that they conquered. As Jenny Morris shows here, in the case of their Jewish subjects this indifference caused problems that had both religious and political repercussions.