Volume 3 Issue 7 July 1953

The Cotswolds and Regional History

The problem of writing local history, R.H. Hilton suggests, can seldom be solved on the basis of parishes or even of counties; regions with a distinctive character and economy, such as the Cotswolds, are the natural units for the local historian’s attention.

The Louisiana Purchase, 1803: America Moves West

Arnold Whitridge recounts how, at the dawn of the 19th century, General Bonaparte sold to the United States the vast Bourbon heritage along the banks of the Mississippi, which is now the American Middle West.

Egypt from Cromer to Neguib

C.H. Brown presents his study of the political and economic background to mid-twentieth century Egyptian nationalism.

Country House Radicals, 1590-1660

Revolutionary impulses do not always originate in proletarian discontent. Hugh Trevor-Roper's article traces 17th-century radicalism to a very different social source.