Volume 3 Issue 11 November 1953

The Problem of Augustus

Michael Grant asks whether Caesar Augustus, sole ruler for forty-five years, was honest and sincere, or a 'hypocrite of genius'?

The Elizabethan Farmer

In an age of opportunity, G.E. Fussell describes how the Elizabethan farmer lived under pioneer conditions.

The Causes of the American Civil War

Taking a historiographical angle, Marcus Cunliffe describes how, in 1861, the American federal experiment broke down, and there ensued the greatest and most hard-fought of modern wars before that of 1914.

The Conspiracy of General Malet, 1812

On October 23, 1812, the Emperor Napoleon, campaigning in Russia, was for six hours threatened with dethronement by a theatrical coup d'etat back in Paris. Godfrey LeMay describes what happened.